Sources claim that when Tom Jurich declined to fire Rick Pitino, both of them were sacked.


UPDATE: Pitino and Jurich are both officially on administrative leave, with Pitino’s leave being unpaid, according to Louisville Interim President Greg Postel. This is probably because Pitino’s contract stipulates that he must give 10 days’ notice of termination, while Jurich’s demands 30 days. Postel clarified that Louisville is indeed doing a housecleaning.

Due to the need for notice before firing either head coach Rick Pitino or athletic director Tom Jurich, the Louisville Cardinals have placed Pitino on an unpaid administrative leave and Jurich on a compensated administrative leave.

Reporter Kent Taylor of WAVE claims both Pitino and Jurich lost their jobs as a result of Jurich’s refusal to terminate Pitino.

Given that Adidas and several universities, including Louisville, USC, Arizona, Auburn, and Oklahoma State, are parties to an FBI investigation concerning the illegal influence of money in college basketball, Pitino was placed on administrative leave.

Jurich has also been placed on leave due to the scandal. One of the most closely watched figures in college sports, Pitino and football head coach Bobby Petrino have been the subject of multiple controversies between them, but the AD for Louisville has consistently stood up for them, never really endangering their jobs.

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