Guys’ basketball, “Louisville,” signs a new, talented “Guard” player to take the place of


Madness in February. The Great Ballroom Dance. or the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, to use its official name.

Whatever you choose to call it, schools nationwide vie for the national championship each year.

The University of Louisville is this year’s top overall seed. They also happen to be the best in terms of money in college basketball.

According to sports economist Patrick Rishe, “Louisville is the most profitable team in College Basketball.”

The Louisville Cardinals earn more than $40 million in revenue only from basketball games. A profit of between $23 and $28 million has been estimated.

Regarding the state-of-the-art arena constructed in 2010, Rishe stated, “That’s largely due to the new KFC Yum Center.” “They also get $20 million in donations from alumni, which is larger than most schools’ overall athletic budgets in basketball.”

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The main idea is that Louisville is by far the most profitable program—by a wide margin.

Forbes reports that three teams—Kansas, North Carolina, and Kentucky—tied for second place with $19.9 million in earnings from basketball.

Although fundraising may provide the lion’s share of the funding, Louisville stands out from most other schools—including rival Kentucky—thanks to its arena.

It’s more NBA-than-NCAA-like that the Cardinals are one of just three teams in the nation to garner crowds of over 20,000 for a single game.

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And they charge a premium for it.Although $35 seems like a small amount for a University of Louisville basketball ticket, it is more expensive than the

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