Russell Wilson, released saying he won’t continue with the Steelers after signing

here is no other way to look at this case, Caitlin Clark was just drafted by the Indiana Fever in a historic WNBA Draft. Without question, this has beenthe most talent-packed event in the league’s history with other standout drafts such as Angel Reese for the Chicago Sky and Cameron Brink for the Los Angeles Sparks. But Caitlin Clark is arguably the most hyped draft name that was No. 1 overall pick after the historic scoring record she obtained in the NCAA. With this historic selection, changes in women’s wages need to happen and NFL QB Russell Wilson is all or that. In fact, he decided to make his voice be heard on X by reposting Caitlin Clark’s expected salary at the Indiana Fever for the next four years.

he curious case of Russell Wilson continues to spark conversation and debate as the 13th-year veteran continues his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Perhaps the third time truly is the charm as the 36-year-old is set to debut in the black and yellow in 2024, his third NFL team in four years.

The Denver Broncos released Wilson after a bizarre and disappointing two years, but they were still responsible for the $37.8 million guaranteed portion of his 2024 salary. Meanwhile, the Steelers happily obliged Wilson with a team-friendly $1.2M veteran minimum for one year.

Last week, the Steelers doubled down on remodeling their quarterback room, trading for former first-round pick Justin Fields with the Chicago Bears. Pittsburgh also dealt its own former first-round QB Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles at the request of the 25-year-old, who was reportedly disgruntled with the team’s acquisition of Wilson.

Maybe Steelers Nation and the rest of the ‘Team 3’ fans should pump the brakes on Wilson, who may not even make it through training camp. ESPN’s Adam Schefter appeared on NFL Live this week and gave the lay of the quarterback land in Pittsburgh.

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