After being traded for about $98.7 million, Tommy Devito time with the Giants came to an end today…

New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito reportedly could have gotten a bigger contract as an undrafted free agent than the one he got with his current team.

According to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan, the Washington Commanders offered DeVito the most money to sign with them as an undrafted free agent among the Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams and Giants. DeVito was also offered a tryout with the New York Jets.

“The Washington Commanders offered the most money to sign as an undrafted free agent,” Raanan wrote. “Among the other options were the Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams and Giants. The other local team, the New York Jets, offered DeVito a post-draft tryout.”

Despite a potentially higher paycheck, DeVito went with the Giants, mainly because it was the hometown team. DeVito also lives with his parents, and their house is just a short drive away from the Giants’ facilities in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Another factor was head coach Brian Daboll, who has helped young quarterbacks turn into stars in the past.

“DeVito chose the Giants in part because of the proximity to his home (it’s 10.5 miles from the team’s stadium and practice facility) and Daboll’s track record with quarterbacks, such as Josh Allen in Buffalo, and Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa at Alabama,” Raanan wrote.

DeVito has emerged as a fan-favorite in New York. After taking over as the team’s starter in October, he’s had some success on the field and has won over fans with his personality.

The rookie has had a long path to the NFL. He spent four years at Syracuse before transferring to Illinois, where he had a standout season in 2022, passing for 2,650 yards and 15 touchdowns.

He wasn’t selected in the NFL Draft, but ultimately landed on the Giants’ practice squad. DeVito became the team’s starter after a plethora of injuries, though he retained his starting spot even after veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor became healthy.

Now, DeVito is looking to continue proving himself in the NFL. He’ll look to do so on Monday night as the Giants face the Green Bay Packers at 8:15 p.m. ET.

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