Mets Ace Kodai Senga Edges Closer to Return, Eyes May 27 Comeback

New York Mets ace Kodai Senga is making significant progress in his recovery from a strained shoulder, with a return to action potentially imminent. On Monday, Senga faced hitters for the first time since his injury during spring training, throwing 21 pitches in a live batting practice session against High-A batters at Citi Field.The 30-year-old right-hander, who finished second in the NL Rookie of the Year voting last season with a 2.98 ERA and 1.22 WHIP, is slated for two more live batting practice sessions before embarking on a rehab assignment. If everything proceeds as planned, Senga is optimistic about being fully recovered and
returning to the Mets’ rotation by May 27, when he becomes eligible.Senga’s performance during the session was encouraging, with his fastball reaching the mid-90s. Mets manager Carlos Mendoza expressed confidence in Senga’s performance, stating that he was “on point” and “unleashing every pitch at his disposal.” Senga himself expressed satisfaction with his progress, saying, “I feel fantastic. I’m relieved, and everything is moving forward positively.”The Mets are eagerly anticipating Senga’s return, given his impressive debut season in 2023. His signature ghost-forkball is expected to be a valuable addition to the team’s rotation, which currently comprises Jose Quintana, Luis Severino, Sean Manaea, Adrian House, and Jose Butto. Tylor Megill and David Peterson have already commenced their rehab assignments, and if all
goes smoothly, the Mets can look forward to a fully-strengthened rotation by the end of May.Mets President of Baseball Operations, David Stearns, has suggested a “last week of May, early-June” timeline for Senga’s return, but Senga remains hopeful of returning to action sooner. His next steps will be crucial in determining the exact timeline, with two more live batting practice sessions scheduled before he begins his rehab assignment.The Mets’ fans are eagerly awaiting Senga’s return, and his performance during the live batting practice session has given them reason to be optimistic. With Senga’s impressive debut season and his current progress, the Mets are likely to welcome him back with open arms, and his return could be a significant boost to their rotation.

– **Kodai Senga Progressing Towards Return:** Kodai Senga, the Mets’ formidable pitcher, is on track for a return after a shoulder injury. He recently faced hitters for the first time since his injury, throwing around 20 pitches to High-A Brooklyn Cyclones members[1][2].

– **Positive Outlook on Recovery:** Senga expressed satisfaction with his progress, stating, “I feel fantastic,” after assessing his velocity during the session. Mets manager Carlos Mendoza also praised Senga’s performance, highlighting his focus and pitch variety[2].

– **Upcoming Sessions and Return Date:** Senga is scheduled for more live sessions, aiming to rejoin the starting rotation around May 27, when he becomes eligible. The Mets are optimistic about his return and the impact of his signature ghost-forkball on the team’s pitching dynamics[2].

– **Rotation Contingencies:** While Senga’s return is eagerly anticipated, the Mets have been managing with a robust rotation, including pitchers like Jose Quintana and Luis Severino. The team might consider a six-man rotation upon Senga’s return, potentially involving pitchers like Tylor Megill and David Peterson[1][4].

– **Confidence in Senga’s Recovery:** Mets’ manager Mendoza expressed confidence in Senga’s performance post-injury, emphasizing his sharpness and focus during recent sessions. The team is carefully monitoring his progress to ensure a successful return to the mound[5].


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