BREAKING: Max Fletcher suspended and won’t be player due to remark comment’s

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Saturday against Alabama Max Fletcher learned what it was like to get a taste of American stardom. In a game that was headed south fast, his monster punts were the one weapon slowing the Tide for the better part of two quarters.

Fletcher was already having a beast of a game having punted four times with each flipping the field for roughly 50 yards, but it was the 70-yard ruby style kick that dug a struggling offense out of a hole deep on its own end of the field that turned him into a star Hog fans couldn’t help but notice.

It was such a dominating performance that even the media felt obligated to ask about Fletcher. Typically, coaches aren’t exactly enthused to be talking about the punter after the game, but Pittman was thrilled to spend a minute spouting about the sophomore kicker.

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