Star reportedly curt and was banned from the team for 7 months fan’s says


After clearing all of this up, how does this currently relate to the Washington Wizards?

Snyder has swiftly gained the title of most disliked sports club owner in the DMV since he acquired the Commanders in 1999. An once-proud NFL team that had won three Super Bowls turned into a chronically mismanaged organization that was the subject of scandal virtually everywhere—on the field, at Ashburn headquarters, and everywhere in between. For the simple reason that he is not Snyder, Harris will undoubtedly be well-liked by both the DMV and Commanders supporters. Well, for the immediate future.

Ted Leonsis represented the Washington Capitals ownership group in 1999. And ever then, Leonsis has served as the Mystics’ public face.

The Wizards had three second-round playoff appearances during Leonsis’ ownership, but they haven’t had such an appearance since 2017. And Wizards fans in particular are displeased with Washington’s five straight sub .500 seasons and apparent commitment to a roster that probably won’t do much better than that. Ultimately, many Wizards fans aren’t too happy with Leonsis.

In closing, with Harris and his group coming in town to manage the Commanders, how does that affect the area’s view of Leonsis and the Wizards specifically? I don’t know to be honest.

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