Following the announcement, Pankaj Advani’s wish is fulfilled by the snooker bosses.

The game of pool is not a novel concept. It has been played for decades, and playing it in taverns and pubs is a common pastime. But the digital pool has only existed for a few decades at most. Since the genre’s inception as a Candystand Flash game, a lot has changed. These days, there are a ton of online pool games, and the smartphone versions aren’t that awful. In addition, you can play a variety of pool games, such as 8-ball, Snooker, Carrom, Crokinole, and many more. These are the top billiards and pool games available on Android!

MUMBAI, INDIA – FEBRUARY 27, 2009: Pankaj Advani, the ace cueist in snooker, aims during his last match at the CCI Platinum Jubilee Snooker Tournament on Friday against Yasin Merchant. (Image sourced from Getty Images by Santosh Harhare/Hindustan Times)

One of the most played pool games on the Play Store is 8 Ball Pool. It includes a shallow leveling system, a lot of table colors, an online multiplayer option, and tournaments for up to eight players. As you rise in rank, more locations to play pool become available. Pool Coins are awarded to competing players. You can use them to buy your way into competitions with higher rankings. Like with most freemium games, the gameplay, graphics, and mechanics are somewhat standard. This is for those who prefer to play games online and for casual players. This game’s freemium grind can get a bit tiresome, and some of the online features don’t always function as intended. But there’s a reason it has over a billion downloads and over 26 million reviews.

Another well-liked pool game is Billiards City. The gameplay mechanics, aesthetic, and overall vibe all harken back to the classic pool Flash games. It’s one of the few pool games available that has a good single-player option. The game also includes a number of unusual and fascinating table layouts and forms. The game employs a level system, and as you go, the difficulty increases. The game is completely free, albeit there are sporadic adverts. Although the advertisements appear frequently, we don’t mind at all because it’s preferable to having to deal with a freemium game. If the developer is able, we would also want to see more game genres in next updates. Among the best is this one.

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