Reed Sheppard says he’s “yearning for home body” and wants to go back, breaking news.

Reed Sheppard, the standout guard for the Kentucky Wildcats, is currently exploring his options for the 2024 NBA draft. Sheppard, who had a remarkable freshman season and was named the national freshman of the year, is being highly touted by NBA scouts as a top 10 pick[4]. With this level of recognition, Sheppard is being offered a lucrative contract that would guarantee him millions of dollars over the next few years.

Mark Pope, the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, has expressed his support for Sheppard, acknowledging that he is in a unique position where he can make a significant impact in the NBA. Pope has emphasized that Sheppard needs to follow his heart and listen to where God is calling him, even if it means leaving Kentucky.

Despite the potential financial gains and the opportunity to play at the highest level of basketball, there are still those who hope that Sheppard will return to Kentucky for a sophomore season. However, as Cameron Mills, a former UK player and teammate of Sheppard’s father, Jeff Sheppard, points out, Reed Sheppard has little choice but to pursue his NBA dream[4].

While the decision to leave Kentucky is never an easy one, it is clear that Reed Sheppard has a bright future ahead of him, whether it is in the NBA or at Kentucky. Fans of the Wildcats will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting his decision, but ultimately, it is up to Sheppard to follow his heart and make the best decision for his future[4].


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“Playing basketball at the University of Kentucky was a huge part of my dream,” he said. “I’m so thankful to wear the Blue and White jersey that represents my family, my friends and the hard-working faithful fans of the Big Blue Nation. “Kentucky is home, Kentucky will always be home. There is another part of my dream — to play basketball in the NBA. I believe it’s time to pursue that dream.” Sheppard, son of former Kentucky standouts Jeff and Stacey Reed, praised the fans for their support during his lone season with the Wildcats.

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“BBN, you have been with me from Day 1 — faithful and passionate,” he said. “I am asking you to go with me on this journey. “I’m looking forward to taking you with me. I represent you with all of the characteristics that make us Kentuckians — passion, humility, perseverance, sacrifice and joy. One day I will return to family, to friends, to Kentucky, my home. I love you, BBN, thank you.”

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