The Braves have three extremely tough choices to make before spring training ends.

Before the 2024 season begins, there are a few issues that the Braves must resolve.

Who will start for the Braves as their fifth player?
The Braves’ main spring roster decision pertaining to the big leagues is this one. The Braves’ starting rotation now has Max Fried, Spencer Strider, Chris Sale, and Charlie Morton locked up for the first four positions, while the fifth spot is very much up in the air.

Right now, Bryce Elder and Reynaldo Lopez are the front-runners for the fifth position in the rotation. Although there is reason for some trepidation regarding Lopez’s potential to return to the starting lineup, some beat writers have already projected that Lopez will start the season as the starter due to Elder’s severe decline in the second half and the fact that he still has minor league options, which allows the team to call him up if and when it becomes necessary.

The elephant in the room here is 2023 first round pick Hurston Waldrep who blasted his way through the minor leagues during his first pro season. Putting him in the rotation right out of spring training would be extremely aggressive even for the Braves, but he also has the highest ceiling of any of the Braves options for their 2024 rotation. With a strong camp where he shows he can command his impressive stuff consistently, don’t be surprised if the Braves think long and hard about going with his upside.




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