Patrick Mahomes’ behavior gives disgusted Andy Reid no choice but to walk…

Their leader under center, two-time NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, is the clear ring leader of the tight-knit team, but the attitude he showed at practice is getting under Reid’s skin.


The video from Chiefs social media shows Mahomes, Kelce and others such as star defensive lineman Chris Jones engaging in goofy behaviors that the account calls a “special language only football players speak.”


Clearly, Reid does not speak that same language. When Patrick Mahomes made an off-beat behavior, Big Red turned away from him and walked away. Mahomes felt that the reaction was not justified, according to his post on social media afterwards.


Mahomes’ reaction on social media

“why coach walk away like that!” Mahomes wrote on X, formerly Twitter, in response to the video posted by the Chiefs. His post included several laughing emojis, showing that neither of them took the interaction too seriously and saw the funny side of his antics.

On her X account on July 9, she wrote: “After 3 years, found something i hid from myself… happy day.”


A curious fan tried to ask about the ‘thing,’ guessing, “A suitcase full of loot I hope.”


Randi joked back, “Haha i wish.” One fan wrote, “I do that too! It’s a wonderful feeling to find that stuff!” And Randi replied to this fan saying, “I thought it was gone forever.”


Clearly she did not wish to tell people what she actually had found, whether it was a physical possession or something within herself mentally.


Chiefs indebted to Randi Mahomes

Randi recently got a lot of love from Chiefs fans for stopping Patrick from quitting football when he thought it might not be for him.


She discussed what that was like during a recent appearance on the ‘Mom Game’ podcast.


There she revealed that Patrick almost gave up on football as it was the last thing he liked.


“I know it is hard to believe,” said Randi. “But he did come to me in his junior summer, the year before he was a junior, like I guess his sophomore summer.


“And he said he wanted to quit football. He didn’t want to play football.”

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