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Tennessee Volunteers point guard Zakai Zeigler has an added incentive for Thursday’s game. Volunteer Country spoke with his mother to delve into him and his brother.


With the Volunteers set to take on the Peacocks on Thursday, it is apparent that the big storyline is the showdown between Zakai Zeigler and his brother Armoni. Recently, Zakai’s mom and Armoni’s stepmother, Charmane, spoke with Volunteer Country to talk about both athletes.

She talked about Zakai a bit. “He’s fearless and self-motivated, with a natural drive and an incredible motor. He’s extremely coachable, and no matter how well he does, he always wants to grow more! Zakai is his own toughest critic. His never-give-up and “never let ’em see you sweat” mentality sets him apart.


She also talked spoke about what makes Armoni stand out. “Armoni has a natural talent that can’t be taught. He doesn’t have to put much effort into making amazing moves. Being the only freshman at St. Peter’s this year has given him an even greater advantage in growing and thriving. He’s willing to listen, learn, and apply. I’m proud of his growth throughout this year.” She dove deeper into the best trait on the court for each prospect.

Zakai: “Speed, the way he sees every inch of that court and … his Defense defense defense!!!! Zakai is and has always been a pest on the court. That will always be my ultimate favorite part of his game. There is nothing like a mean steal. Also, the way he sees that court is everything. His quick passes get me excited. He knows how to draw that defense, make those passes, and get the assists up. I love that!”

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