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Lebron James slapped Michael Jordan at a party yesterday

The estimated net worth of “Air Jordan” is $3 billion. Reaching those heights requires constant effort and work, but it is also necessary to take an occasional break, and what better than a yacht trip through Europe, just like the Jordan family is doing?

Michael and Yvette’s luxurious trip

In photos published by The New York Post, Jordan and Prieto can be seen descending from the yacht M’BRACE, the former basketball player’s luxurious ship, which has an estimated value of $115 million. The M’BRACE docked at Barcelona after sailing off the coast of Ibiza last week.

Yvette wore a green and purple outfit with a white crop top. When she got off the ship, she was wearing sandals that she changed for strappy white heels as soon as she finished disembarking. Jordanwore a light green shirt, pants, and dark casual shoes.

Before getting off the boat, Michael and Yvette took a photo with the rest of the family accompanying them on the trip: Deloris, mother of the former player, his brothers James Jr. and Larry, and his sister Roslyn.

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