Report:Wolverines set to part ways with the $120 million mega star……..

Sherrone Moore, stepping in as the new head coach for the Michigan Wolverines, is already carving out his unique legacy. On the Champions Circle’s The L.A.B. podcast hosted by Jake Butt, Moore outlined his forward-thinking recruitment strategy. Despite scrutiny over recent recruitment classes, he stands firm on prioritizing cultural fit over conventional “star” ratings.

During the podcast, Moore explained, “You look at the types of guys we just won a national title with, we didn’t have a whole bunch of five-stars. We had some. We want to have elite talent, don’t get me wrong, but I think there’s enough of it out there that you can find that also fits the culture.” He shared insights from a conversation with baseball icon Derek Jeter, who stressed the significance of alignment and cultural fit, vital for building a cohesive team.

“You talk to businesspeople, it’s all about alignment and how that does. It starts at the top. It starts at the top and then it goes to the bottom and then it goes up and down, you can flip it either way. Everyone has to be aligned with the vision. When you have that, you have something that is super powerful. We’re definitely going to try and bring in the right type of guys here, the right type of families to become Michigan Men, and Michigan Women, and continue to keep this program at the highest level.”

He delved into the comprehensive recruitment process at Michigan, which assesses more than just athletic skills—they’re evaluating character. “We have a lot of databases, a lot of services that can find names, players and people. For us, once we dig deep into who we want to look at and who we want to recruit, there’s a lot of questions that you gotta ask,” Moore highlighted. This includes conversations with various individuals who have interacted with potential recruits, from family members to school staff and even local community members, ensuring a thorough understanding of each recruit’s character and values.

Moore is keenly aware of the evolving landscape of college sports, particularly the importance of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) benefits. “You have to have a plan for NIL,” Moore said, recognizing the necessity of integrating NIL strategically within recruitment and player retention. He praised Champions Circle for their management of the NIL funds, which support and reward players who contribute significantly to the team.

Under Moore’s guidance, the Wolverines are focusing on growing well-rounded individuals who represent the university’s standards, beyond just their capabilities on the field. This holistic approach aims not only to maintain Michigan’s competitive edge but to prepare the next generation of professional athletes for sustained success.

Moore and Michigan officially kick off the new era of Wolverine football and being their National Championship defense on August 31 when they host Fresno State.

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