Down: goes Sam Howell again!!! Waste of money this guy is

Unbelievable News from Sam Howell News….

New Seahawks coach Mike Macdonald and general manager/president of football operations John Schneider have insisted every time asked that there is no question about Geno Smith’s status as Seattle’s starting quarterback despite the March acquisition of Sam Howell from the Washington Commanders.

And everything Wednesday backed that up as Smith appeared to take all of the snaps with the first-team offense with Howell running the second team.

“I love how Geno works,’’ Macdonald said. “We are pushing him to take the next step as a football player and as a leader, and I think he’s answering the call. So really excited about Geno up to this point and getting to know him, but just really such a respect for how hard this man works at his craft.’’

Asked how Howell is progressing, Macdonald said: “I think he’s coming along fine. Again, we’re at practice two. You sit in the offensive staff watching practice with guys and there are things that offensive coaches notice with the whole team that you don’t necessarily see from the defensive perspective. But I thought he had a really good practice. He’s slinging it. But just like the rest of the team, he’s got a lot of work on. I got a lot to work on. But I think we all have that mentality of how we want to approach it, so I think Sam is right there. I think it’s an exciting future.’’

Smith said he doesn’t care about any conjecture of a possible competition and said the focus for now is each QB learning the offense and each other.

Smith and Howell were each recently part of a group of about 15 offensive players who recently vacationed in Cabo San Lucas.

“Sam, we been hanging out playing Booray (a card game), went to Cabo, did some golfing, developing our relationship,’’ Smith said. “Sam is a really, really talented young player. He played a lot of football to be that young. Did a lot of great things and showed a lot of great things on tape.

“For me, the whole starter/backup thing, I don’t ever wrap my mind around that. It’s about that group. The quarterback group has to be a collective unit. Whoever goes in the game has to have the support of the other guys. So for me, it’s as you about us learning and working together and pushing each other together. That can only provide us with an excellent chance to get better.’’

Smith says O-line can be best in the world

While the Seahawks may have a new head coach in Macdonald, what hasn’t changed are questions about an offensive line that for much of the Pete Carroll was usually considered one of the team’s weaker position groups.

Pro Football Focus, for instance, rated Seattle’s offensive line 28th at the end of last season.

And such skepticism wasn’t necessarily quieted by the team’s offseason moves, which could result in new starters at center and both guard spots — and potentially with what would be young players with little if any experience filling two of those spots.

Smith, though, said Wednesday he thinks the sky is the limit for Seattle’s offensive front.

“I think they’re going to be the best in the world,’’ Smith said. “That’s the way I look at it. I think we got the right guys, right coaches, and it all comes down having the right mindset. But the leadership is great.’’

Exactly who will comprise the line, though, isn’t yet clear.

Two spots appear set — Charles Cross back for his third year at left tackle and veteran free agent Laken Tomlinson at left guard.

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