BREAKING:News: Dalton Knecht Instagram Post Sparks Rumors of Love Triangle Involving Teammates

In a recent Instagram post, Tennessee Volunteers men’s basketball player Dalton Knecht shared a picture taken during the Arkansas vs Missouri game, which seems to have ignited rumors of a love triangle involving himself and teammates Cade Arbogast and Jalen Graham[1]. The picture, featuring Brazile and Arbogast making a finger triangle, has sparked speculation among fans and media alike.

While Dalton Knecht is currently sidelined due to knee soreness, his teammates have been making waves on the court. Jalen Graham, in particular, has been putting up impressive numbers since becoming a starter due to Brazile’s absence[1].

The rumors have been met with mixed reactions from the Razorbacks community. Some find the situation amusing, while others consider it a distraction for the team. Danyelle Musselman, Eric Musselman’s wife, even addressed the “ridiculous” gossip in a recent social media post[1].

The situation bears similarities to a previous controversy involving former Arkansas quarterback Kade Renfro, where serious allegations were made online against him. The incident serves as a reminder of how quickly a controversy can escalate when student-athletes, supposed illicit activity, and a high-profile sports program collide[1].

Dalton Knecht’s NBA Draft stock didn’t need much help, but Tennessee’s star transfer wing still managed to help himself over the weekend at the NBA Draft Combine with impressive numbers across the board.

Knecht had the fastest time in the shuttle run (2.79 seconds), was second fastest in the lane agility drill (10.56 seconds) and was 11th in three-quarter sprint (3.07 seconds). He finished 12th in max vertical (39.0 inches) and 18th in standing vertical (31.0).

He was also second in spot-up shooting, making 84% of his shots in the drill, and was fourth in on-the-move shooting, averaging 72.0%.

On3’s James Fletcher III ranked Knecht second among small forwards in the NBA Draft.

NBA Draft: June 26-27, New York

“Dalton Knecht left no doubt that he can score the basketball at any level,” Fletcher wrote. “Upping his production while moving from Northern Colorado to Tennessee makes him one of the highest floor players on offense.”

“The 6-foot-6 wing will now go head-to-head with athletic defenders more often in the NBA, giving him another area to grow. He improved defensively, but still has questions to answer on that end as well.”

Knecht is being widely projected as a lottery pick in the draft. ESPN updated its mock draft after the lottery determined the draft order on Sunday and projected Knecht to be the No. 8 overall pick to the San Antonio Spurs.

“The Spurs surely have eyes on being competitive sooner rather than later with (Victor) Wembanyama about to become an MVP candidate in the near future,” ESPN’s Jonathan Givony wrote, “so picking a 23-year old plug-and-play shooter/scorer such as Knecht looks like an attractive option.

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