Rick Carlisle Suspended after confrontations over….

The NBA has fined Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle $35,000 after he called out the officiating in the first two games of an ​​Eastern Conference semifinal series against the New York Knicks.

The NBA announced the fine Friday, citing Carlisle’s remarks after the Pacers’ 130-121 loss to the Knicks Wednesday night.

The league took action against Carlisle’s “public criticism of the officiating and questioning the integrity of the league and its officials,” a press release stated.

Carlisle was called for two technical fouls and ejected late in the game as the Pacers lost two straight to start the series.

“I’m always talking to our guys about not making it about the officials,” he said Wednesday. “We deserve a fair shot. There’s not a consistent balance, and that’s disappointing. Give New York credit for the physicality that they’re playing with. But their physicality is rewarded and ours is penalized, time after time.”

“Small-market teams deserve an equal shot,” he added. “They deserve a fair shot no matter where they are playing.”

The Pacers sent 78 plays to the NBA to review, 29 from Game 1 and 49 from Game 2, The Associated Press reported, citing sources.

The smallest player on Indiana’s roster has had an outsized impact for the Pacers in their second-round series against the Knicks, the only Pacer to even quasi-effectively guard red-hot Jalen Brunson.

But Carlisle’s decision to leave McConnell on the bench for the decisive minutes of Game 2 came back to haunt him.

Slowing him was a task Nembhard couldn’t handle, but the pesky McConnell relished.

“I mean, he’s a marquee player in this league,” McConnell said. “And playing in Madison Square Garden, picking him up 94 feet, what greater challenge is there?”

Indiana coach Rick Carlisle is done with these refs. And Wednesday night he let them have it.

After feeling his Pacers were getting the short end of the officiating stick, first Carlisle got ejected from their 130-121 Game 2 loss to the Knicks, then he unloaded on the referees afterward.

“We deserve a fair shot, and it’s just not,” Carlisle said. “There’s not a consistent balance. And that’s disappointing. So give New York credit for the physicality that they’re playing with. But their physicality is rewarded, and ours is penalized, just time after time.

With] 5:08 in the third, the whole world knows [Tyrese] Haliburton’s got a bad back, and [Josh] Hart comes up and shoves him in the back. And JB DeRosa is looking right at it You can see him, he’s got vision of the play. … He shoves Tyrese right in the corner, and there’s no whistle. Right in the back. That was shocking. And there are many others. But I promise you we’re going to submit these.”

Haliburton said he wasn’t hurt on the play, and they didn’t lose solely because of the refs — but that they have been getting the short end of the stick.

“Would I like more consistency? Yeah, but let’s not pretend like that’s the only reason we lost. We just didn’t play good enough,” Haliburton said. “Yeah, we’d like consistency. I don’t think he double-dribbled. But if you can overturn that call, why can’t you overturn the kicked ball? I don’t really understand that.”

The Indiana Pacers have submitted 78 instances of incorrect or non-calls to the NBA that they felt put them at a disadvantage in Games 1 and 2 against the New York Knicks, a league source told ESPN.

Pacers coach Rick Carlisle, speaking after Indiana fell behind 2-0 in the Eastern Conference semifinals with a 130-121 loss to New York on Wednesday, said the team had identified 29 questionable refereeing decisions from Game 1. The source said the Pacers then identified 49 plays from Game 2 that they felt were incorrectly called or not called at all and submitted them overnight to the NBA office.

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