UPDATE:Trevon Brazile will miss four months due to a career-ending…..

Ark. — We may be finding out Arkansas coach Eric Musselman had finally had enough after a blowout loss to Ole Miss earlier last week. Devo Davis “stepped away” from the Razorbacks after that and questions started circulating about Trevon Brazile.

After an up-and-down season missing a couple of games, Brazile suffered some sort of knee injury against South Carolina and apparently tweaked it or something in the first half against the Rebels. He also wasn’t going to play in a 64-57 loss to Kentucky on Saturday and it was really vague after the game from Musselman.

“He was not close tonight,” Musselman said. “I don’t mean to be a smart alec when I say I’m not a doctor but he did not do anything practice-wise. I will tell you that. When he comes back, I don’t know. Knee soreness … I doubt you’re gonna wake up, you know, tomorrow’s what Sunday, I doubt you’re gonna wake up Sunday or Monday if you were unable to practice, and unable to give it a try tonight.”

When something’s up Musselman doesn’t want us to know about he tends to wander all over the place answering direct questions. Especially when it comes to injuries or the announcement about Davis “stepping away.”

Musselman is probably far more concerned about trying to juggle this roster. He’s been having to do that literally for 20 games and hadn’t found the right combination, but a really hot start against the Wildcats may have provided some hope he’s getting closer.

Now he just has  to keep those he wants to stay and basically run off the ones he doesn’t want or need any more. Davis was the first to “step away.” We’ll know soon enough if he’s the only one or if it has launched a mass exodus.

“We’ll just keep searching,” Musselman said. “We changed our style of play today and it really helped our defense. We changed some of our defensive schemes. It really helped us. As the leader of the program that, you know, my job is to continue to tinker. I don’t have an answer right now for you on that or I would tell you. We put T-Mark there for a while and then that makes it, you know, difficult for him and he’s wired to score. We had turnovers from other guys, fouls from other guys. We just gotta continue to search and find something.”


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