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Unbelievable, Gunnar Henderson Al Campanis Resigns After Racist Remarks on TV…..

The decibel level rose at each turn around the bases, first from Jorge Mateo and then Gunnar Henderson. The pair of them, in a neck-and-neck race only Statcast’s advanced sensors (and one fascinated sportswriter) was tracking, slid into third base only two minutes apart.

The Orioles added on in the seventh inning of a 9-2 win against the Seattle Mariners with four straight extra-base hits, but there are few plays more exciting in baseball than the triple. And, with the two fastest Orioles players going back to back, it became even more interesting.

First came Mateo, whose opposite-field liner against left-hander Kirby Snead opened the frame with a blaze of speed. He slid in headfirst at third base 11.34 seconds after he left home plate. That time matched Mateo exactly with Henderson’s (and the Orioles’) season-best home-to-third clip.

Henderson, it seemed, couldn’t settle for a draw.

Again, the 38,882 at a raucous Camden Yards roared as Henderson rounded second on an opposite-field liner. Once he slid in at third, the moment of truth: 11.32 seconds. Henderson took back the fastest Orioles triple time in a flash, a mere minute or two after Mateo leveled him.

“Lucky to have two unbelievable athletes like that,” manager Brandon Hyde said.

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