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Matt Gotel’s return to the Seattle Seahawks has been surrounded by controversy due to his recent demotion to the practice squad after an uninspiring performance during the off-season workouts and preseason games. Gotel, who initially showed promise as a strong defensive line player at West Florida, struggled to transition effectively to the NFL, leading to his fluctuating status within the team.

The decision to re-sign him to a future contract for 2024 raised eyebrows, especially among fans and analysts who questioned the Seahawks’ commitment to Gotel despite his inconsistent play. This move has sparked debate over the team’s strategy in developing young talent and the potential risk of investing in players who have yet to prove themselves at the professional level【12†source】【13†source】【14†source】.

The Seahawks’ choice to keep Gotel, while simultaneously releasing other more experienced players, has added to the controversy. Some critics argue that this undermines the team’s competitiveness, while supporters believe in Gotel’s potential to improve and eventually make a significant impact on the team. The situation highlights the challenges teams face in balancing player development with immediate performance needs.

The Seattle Seahawks announced the release of nose tackle Bryan Mone on Wednesday in their latest round of cost cutting. Seattle cleared $5.39 million in cap space, according to The release of Mone comes one day after the Seahawks about saved approximately $34.5 million with the release of safeties Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs and tight end Will Dissly. Mone missed all of last season after tearing the ACL in his knee late in the 2022 season. Mone, 28, played in 41 games (eight starts) for Seattle since 2019 and had 73 tackles, two sacks and one forced fumble. –Field Level Media

Our own Dave Meltzer addressed the status of Bryan Danielson, Mercedes Mone, and Bandido in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Danielson has been out of action since Forbidden Door 2 when he suffered a broken arm in his match against Kazuchika Okada. He underwent surgery to repair the injury on July 3 and was expected to be out for three months, missing Grand Slam on September 20.

Meltzer wrote in Friday’s newsletter that Danielson has been told he will be able to return in October. It could be a “photo finish” to see if he’s cleared in time for WrestleDream in Seattle on October 1.

“It will probably need a photo finish, but Bryan Danielson was told he could return in October, and being in Seattle, that would be the place if everything goes well and if he can cross the finish line by those dates,” Meltzer wrote.

Mone’s situation is not as clear. She was shown in the stands at Wembley Stadium but Tony Khan emphasized on yesterday’s media call that Mone will not be cleared by WrestleDream. Meltzer wrote in Friday’s newsletter that her foot is still in a cast and she was using a wheelchair at the airport in London.

“We do know from people who saw her this weekend that her foot was in a full cast still and when she was at the airport in London, she had someone wheeling her around in a wheelchair,” Meltzer wrote.

Bandido suffered a triangular fibrocartilage complex injury (bones that connect the forearm to the wrist) in his match against Konosuke Takeshita on the June 14 AEW Rampage taping. It is believed he had surgery to repair the injury in early July and is on track to return sometime this month.

“Bandido has the cast off his wrist so he should be back soon. He got the pin taken out two weeks ago and September was originally when he was expected to return,” Meltzer wrote.


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