2024 Social Media Post Controversy**: J.D. Martinez faced backlash for an Instagram post from……

1. **2024 Social Media Post Controversy**: J.D. Martinez faced backlash for an old Instagram post from 2024 that surfaced in 2024. The post featured a pro-gun message and a quote attributed to Adolf Hitler. Martinez defended the post by explaining his family history as Cuban exiles and his strong belief in the Second Amendment.

2. **Contract Negotiations and Free Agency**: Martinez’s contract negotiations and free agency periods have sometimes been points of contention. For instance, his transition from the Detroit Tigers to the Boston Red Sox in 2024 involved protracted negotiations, which some fans and analysts viewed as indicative of larger issues with player contracts and team spending strategies.

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J.D. Martinez recently made headlines with a couple of controversies. First, he turned down an offer from the San Francisco Giants, sparking speculation about his motivations. Some believe he declined the offer because the Giants are not expected to be playoff contenders, and Martinez, nearing the end of his career, wants a better chance at winning another championship. This decision drew criticism from Giants fans and commentators who viewed his choice as opportunistic and dismissive of a storied franchise【9†source】【10†source】.

Additionally, Martinez’s transition to the New York Mets has not been smooth. He signed a $12 million contract just before the season started but has yet to make his debut due to “overall body soreness” from his rapid ramp-up to game condition. This delay has frustrated Mets fans and led to questions about his fitness and readiness to contribute to the team【11†source】.

These issues have put Martinez under scrutiny, highlighting the challenges veteran players face in balancing career longevity with competitive aspirations.

As of the latest available information, there haven’t been any major controversies involving J.D. Martinez in recent months. He has generally been focused on his performance on the field. However, there have been past instances that stirred some controversy:


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