Matt Olson suspended from the team set to leave after 3Days!

Atlanta Braves, the champion of the last World Series, signed the biggest deal for initialist Matt Olson on Tuesday after a union of major leagues and players ended last week’s suspension of work, and it lasted 99 days.

Braves and Olson agreed to sign a contract for $168 million over 8 years. Orson arrived in Atlanta last week by trade from Oakland Athletics.

An agreement with the 27-year-old slugger was linked to the club by at least 2029. The agreement also includes a $20 million option in 2030.

Braves was in charge of meeting the greatest needs after having been unable to reach an agreement with Freddy Freeman, the outstanding first baseman, who is the stronghold of the team for more than a decade, and since 1995 he made an important contribution to Atlanta, who won the first World Series last year.

Orson came out of a great campaign last year, with 39 home runs and 111 RBI averaging 0.271. It will raise $15 million this year, $21 million in 2023, and $22 million in each of the following six campaigns.

This is the tenth contract of at least $100 million agreed since the last World Series, and the first since the end of the suspension.

In addition, it is the most juicy contract in the history of Braves, leaving $135 million in the 8 years that Freeman signed since the 2013 season.

Just over a year ago, MLB announced that San Diego Padres superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. had been suspended for 80 games after testing positive for Clostebol, a banned performance-enhancing substance. The announcement came as Tatis was on the cusp of making his 2022 season debut after undergoing wrist surgery in March of that year due to a fractured wrist sustained during an offseason motorcycle accident.

The news shook the baseball world, as it was the first time a star player in his prime had been suspended for PED usage since Ryan Braun nearly a decade earlier. A whirlwind of controversy surrounded Tatis throughout the 2022 campaign and in the leadup to his return to the field back in April. Since then, however, Tatis has fallen into the background as discourse surrounding the Padres quickly began to focus on their disappointing season. Down years from Xander Bogaerts, Manny Machado and Yu Darvish captured most of the focus around the baseball world, as well as the strong performances the club has received from Blake Snell, Juan Soto and Ha-Seong Kim.

Though Tatis hasn’t been at the forefront of most fans’ minds this season, we’re getting a glimpse of what the now-24 year old looks like as a player in the wake of his lost season last year. While he hasn’t been the perennial MVP candidate he looked to be in his first three seasons as a big leaguer, Tatis has put together a radically different profile this year that nonetheless should keep him in the conversation as one of the best everyday regulars in the sport.

From his debut in 2019 until the 2021 campaign that saw him appear in his first career All-Star Game and finish third in NL MVP voting, Tatis was the prototypical young superstar. A shortstop with speed and power, Tatis featured the best ISO, the second best wRC+, and the third best fWAR total among MLB regulars during his first three seasons as a big leaguer. Meanwhile, Statcast indicates the youngster boasted sprint speeds and barrel rates in the 95th percentile or better in each of those seasons, clearly indicating he was elite in both respects. On the other side of things, Tatis had a significant problem with strikeouts. His 27.6 percent strikeout rate in the first three seasons of his career was the 19th-highest among MLB regulars, higher than the likes of Kyle Schwarber and Jorge Soler.

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