Justin Fields,career ended today in Steelers after being traded for roughly $98.6 million…..

As a native of Hawaii, Roman Wilson got used to the cold by playing in Ann Arbor. Now, he’ll continue bundling up as a wide receiver in Pittsburgh. The Steelers chose Wilson with the 84th overall pick in the third round. It’s going to be interesting to see who is throwing passes to the speedy Hawaiian as the Steelers acquired both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields during the offseason.

The 2024 NFL Draft is set to take place this week in downtown Detroit April 25-27, and the Michigan football team figures to be well-represented during the three-day event. In fact, with a record 18 players invited to the NFL Combine and more than a dozen players viewed as consensus top-200 prospects, the Wolverines are poised to have one of the best draft classes a college program has ever had.

To help prepare readers for the event, we are previewing each Michigan draft hopeful’s week ahead. We look at players’ stats, career at Michigan, what scouts like and don’t like and current draft projections ahead of this week.

How often do you think about the Roman Empire? How often do you think about Roman Wilson? While the former question dominated 2023, the latter has taken hold ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Wilson vaulted onto the national stage last season with 48 receptions, 789 yards and 12 receiving touchdowns, all of which led the national champion Michigan Wolverines. Wilson is a smooth-operating lightning bolt with an intuitive intensity and a penchant for trash-talking. While slightly undersized, Wilson plays with a competitive fire and physical nastiness that is rare for wide receivers of any height and weight.

In Michigan’s offense, Wilson had limited opportunities to display the full extent of his talents, but he made the most of those opportunities when able to. His first touchdown reception against Nebraska and “The Catch” on the final drive against Alabama in the Rose Bowl would be near the top of a highlight reel for any of the receivers in this class, but on most of Michigan’s highlight plays from 2023, Wilson can be seen only on the fringes as he eliminates would-be tacklers.

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