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Atlanta Falcons head coach Raheem Morris is all about competition for his roster and adding a running back at some point in the draft like Clemson Tiger Will Shipley would absolutely do that. Shipley was a highly productive running back in the ACC who has a great athletic profile and is the kind of man that the Falcons value off the field. Atlanta could look in a lot of places for a third running back, but Shipley would be a fantastic choice for them and a value wherever he gets picked.

Athletically, Will Shipley compares very favorably to all-time great Christian McCaffrey. He’s got the same kind of speed-by-weight scores while also showing that he might have a slightly faster top gear with a slightly more explosive first step. Shipley uses his athleticism to break big plays and use it both in the running game and return game. When he can learn how to also use it in the passing game, the team that drafts him will love just how explosive he can be.

Will Shipley’s biggest strength is how he can set up behind his blocks and use his vision and speed to create explosive plays. He has exceptional agility that shows up as he’s forcing broken and missed tackles in the open field. Because of this, he’s also able to create separation when he’s in the passing game. He makes the same kind of sudden cuts that have been seen from guys like Bijan Robinson. He can create yardage between the tackles even though he’s a smaller back.


While Shipley is more of a change-of-pace back, he needs to get much better at pass blocking to see more snaps in the NFL. His catching could also use some time on a JUGGS machine to allow him to develop that aspect of his game even more. His frame should lend to more power the way it does for similar backs, but he doesn’t get much power behind it. Shipley also displays Calvin Ridley syndrome sometimes and tries to find the next cut instead of just heading up field and attacking for more yards.

When looking for players to add to a team, Will Shipley checks all the boxes for every general manager out there. He’s fiercely competitive and will do anything he can for playing time. Whether it’s special teams or pass blocking, he shows the same effort on those plays as he does when the ball is in his hands. He was a team captain for the Tigers and graduated early from college in just three years. Shipley even contributes to the well-being of others off the field with his charity efforts. He would be an asset to any locker room.

NFL Stylistic Comparison: DeAngelo Williams

DeAngelo Williams was the perfect complementary back throughout his career, and that could be the same situation for Will Shipley. He’s not going to be the primary back for whoever drafts him, but he could have an instant impact helping create explosive plays for them and taking around 40 percent of the running back snaps. Shipley, like Williams, is an all-around running back who can create from anywhere on the field and help his offense create a ton of points.

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