SHOCKED! after GAME played Jordon Crawford was fired and asked to leave the team immdiately

At the National Basketball League (NBL) championship match, the Tasmania JackJumpers proclaimed their domination with a thumping victory over Melbourne United. Boxing’s very own Floyd Mayweather joined the crowd in rejoicing their maiden victory. As he did that, he wrote a heartfelt note to the team’s point guard, Jordon Crawford.

On the 30th of March, the JackJumpers pulled off a remarkable 83-81 victory in the best-of-five decider. However, Crawford raked up the majority of the points for his team. In a series-high performance, Crawford dominated game five with 32 points. Notably, he poured in a staggering 27 points just in the first half. The Melbourne showdown was packed with anticipation, with each quarter picking up some heat. As a result, the 33-year-old, Ohio-origin player found ample recognition for his performance.

Floyd Mayweather, a close friend of Crawford’s, was one among the many who congratulated him. On his Instagram stories, ‘Money’ uploaded a picture of Crawford. In the image, the player was seen grabbing the trophy in one hand, and a bottle of champagne in the other. Also in the image was the plaque. On it, his team had finally registered their name as the champions for the 2023/24 season. The former welterweight champion wrote in his story,

It was an emotional night for the team’s coach Scott Roth. He had already lost a title decider two years ago in their debut season. Overwhelmed by how well his boys had played, he could not stop but sing their praises. For Crawford, he further noted post-game, “He [Crawford] was huge… He showed up big in this game and got the scoreboard ticking over for us which allowed us to stay with us. He was ginormous,”

Crawford attributed his side’s historic victory to a simple mindset. After the game, while speaking to the media, he explained, “That’s what it’s about, Jacky basketball, never giving up, fighting until the end. Great drive, this one’s for Tassie.”

Apart from him, his team’s leader, Jack McVeigh, also went home on a thumping note. He was awarded the Larry Sengstock Trophy for his incredible leadership and performance in what was seen as one of the toughest NBL championship series in history.

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