**BREAKING: Texas Rangers’ José Leclerc Benched Due to Injury**

**Title: Texas Rangers’ José Leclerc Benched Due to Injury**

*Dallas, Texas – April 4, 2024*

In a blow to the Texas Rangers’ pitching roster, star reliever José Leclerc has been sidelined due to injury, leaving fans and team management concerned about the impact on the upcoming games.

Leclerc, known for his prowess on the mound, has been an integral part of the Rangers’ bullpen for several seasons. However, an undisclosed injury has forced the team to make the tough decision to bench him until further notice.

While specifics about the injury remain undisclosed, the Rangers’ medical staff is working diligently to assess the extent of Leclerc’s condition and develop a rehabilitation plan to facilitate his swift return to the field.

The absence of Leclerc poses a significant challenge for the Rangers as they navigate the early stages of the season. His reliability and skill in critical game situations have earned him the trust of teammates and fans alike, making his absence keenly felt on the diamond.

Despite this setback, the Rangers remain optimistic about their prospects moving forward, expressing confidence in the depth of their roster and the ability of other pitchers to step up in Leclerc’s absence.

As fans eagerly await updates on Leclerc’s recovery, the Texas Rangers are rallying together to face the challenges ahead and maintain their competitive edge in the league.

The Texas Rangers aren’t just interested in upgrading their bullpen through free agency and trades. They also want to ensure that two of their biggest returning pieces get better next season.

José Leclerc and Josh Sborz certainly had highs and lows in 2023, but they were two of the most important pieces of the Rangers’ bullpen during the postseason. It was Sborz who recorded the final out of the World Series. It was Leclerc who pitched in nearly every game before the World Series.


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