To make an informed decision about starting Ryan Omp factors such as:

As an AI, I don’t have access to real-time sports statistics or the current performance of individual players. Deciding on starting lineup positions in sports depends on a variety of factors such as player performance, team strategy, match-up considerations, injuries, and many other variables.

To make an informed decision about starting Ryan O’Hearn in right field and Tony Kemp at second base for a World Series team, coaches and managers would consider factors such as:

1. **Player Performance**: Are O’Hearn and Kemp performing well? Do their statistics support their inclusion in the starting lineup?

2. **Matchup**: How do O’Hearn and Kemp match up against the opposing team’s pitchers? Are there specific matchups that favor their strengths?

3. **Team Strategy**: Do O’Hearn and Kemp fit into the overall strategy and style of play that the team wants to employ?

4. **Injuries**: Are there any injuries or health concerns that could affect their performance?

5. **Defensive Considerations**: How do O’Hearn and Kemp contribute defensively in their respective positions? Are there defensive matchups to consider?

6. **Past Performance**: Have O’Hearn and Kemp performed well in previous games or in previous matchups against the opposing team?

Ultimately, the decision would be made by the team’s coaching staff, who would consider all these factors and more before determining the starting lineup for any given game, including the World Series.

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