Will the Rangers, make a move why “Adolis García”announced his departure from team today

Player ratings for MLB The Show’s latest 2024 edition have been revealed, the top players for each team being released on MLB Network Thursday night. The most popular baseball video game going is set for release on March 19, shortly before the start of the 2024 MLB season on March 28.

The Texas Rangers, similar to when a handful of them popped up on MLB Network’s list of the top 100 MLB players, have a roster that’s much more positively regarded after winning

the World Series in 2023 than it had been in previous seasons.

For an example of that, look no further than the World Series MVP Corey Seager, who leads off the list with a significantly higher rating than he was originally given last season.

Find the Rangers’ ratings below.

Seager comes in just below the highly-sought 99 overall rating, but he’s 13 points up from his 85 ranking at the start of 2023. In hindsight, that seems startlingly low for the guy who ended up as the American League’s MVP runner-up, though the game eventually did bump Seager up to 92 over the course of last season. Seager’s rating this year reflects his monster .327/.390/.623 stat line from last season.

Seager just misses out on joining the group of five players rated 99-overall to start this year’s game: the Yankees’ Aaron Judge, the Dodgers’ Shohei Ohtani and Mookie Betts, the Braves’ Ronald Acuña Jr., and the Angels’ Mike Trout.

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