Will the Giant’s, make a move why QB“Tommy Devito ”announced his departure from team today


It’s one game.

That’s the only thing you can say. That’s the only way you can think. Really, that’s the only thing that will get you through till next Sunday without wanting to put the rest of your season tickets on eBay — or in the fireplace. Say it again. Say it over and over again.

“It’s one game,” Giants coach Brian Daboll said. “It wasn’t a good game. I won’t sugarcoat it. We’ve got a lot to learn from, a lot to work on.”

Well. They’d better learn. They’d better work. Because Sunday night the Giants didn’t belong on the same field as the Cowboys. They didn’t belong in the same area code — the Cowboys were 201, the Giants 732. Maybe 305. Yes. That’s Florida. That’s how far removed they seemed from the Cowboys. The final was 40-0. In truth, it could have been anything the infidels from Dallas wanted it to be. It was that bad. It was that brutal.

Remember last year, Week 1? Last year, Week 1, the Giants played a marvelous, masterful game against the Titans, in Nashville. They spotted the AFC’s defending top seed a 13-0 lead. They were getting overwhelmed, both sides of the ball. Daboll cleared his throat at the half. He went for two late, the Giants converted, won, 21-20, and the rest of the season we kept going back to that game.

Fans react in the stands to Giants’ 40-0 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday night.Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Kept saying: That’s the one that set the tone.

And forget the fact that this happened to be true, it also runs counter to every bit of day-after logic we hear after the first week of a football season. We even have a name for it: Overreaction Monday. Teams are never as good as they look when they win in Week 1, or as bad as they look when they lose the opener. That’s the narrative, anyway.

Unless — like last year — Week 1 really does set a tone.

So the Giants really need to hope that next week in Phoenix, they honor what their fans are going to be chanting like a mantra — IT’S ONE GAME!!! — for the next six days, maybe make like the lower-case phoenix and rise out of the dust.

Because if this one did set a tone?

Then the season is going to be, well, tone-deaf. Because there wasn’t one thing the Giants did well Sunday. They couldn’t protect Daniel Jones. They couldn’t get to Dak Prescott. They couldn’t hold onto the ball. Their most reliable player a year ago — kicker Graham Gano — had his first kick of the year blocked and returned for a touchdown. He duck-hooked his second, from 36 yards.

More? The Giants had two first-half drives inside the Dallas 15; the Cowboys wound up outscoring them on those two drives, 6-0. More?? The final score meant that in eight straight quarters against their two biggest blood rivals — Eagles in last year’s playoff game, Cowboys on Sunday night — the Giants were outscored 78-7.

Read that one again

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