Breaking; saquon barkley agrees terms to sign contract with the philadelphia eagles….read more.

Breaking; saquon barkley agrees terms to sign contract with the philadelphia eagles……read more



PHILADELPHIA – Everything about the Saquon Barkley to the Philadelphia Eagles rumors comes across as agent-driven, a sensible strategy by Kim Miale to get another substantial (by running back standards) deal for the talented seventh-year back from the New York Giants.

Well-sourced New York-based reporters seem to be working off the same information speculating that the Dallas Cowboys are also interested in partaking in some NFC East-on-NFC East crime by “stealing” Barkley, 27, from Big Blue.

What better way to create a sense of urgency for the Giants than floating that their two top current rivals, who both have a far better recent history when it comes to decision-making, are both interested in the player the Big Blue organization has (unsuccessfully) tried to build on over the past six seasons?

The Eagles’ side of this chase gained steam locally when the team’s sideline reporter, Howard Eskin, paid lip service to the rumor.

“I didn’t believe it, but I checked it and they do have interest in Saquon Barkley,” Eskin told the 94WIP Morning Show on Thursday. “And I’m saying wait a minute, you can’t pay a running back that kind of money.

“I think they’re trying to work on something that would not be fully guaranteed. He’s not going to get—a ton of money.

Eskin went on to tie what would be uncharacteristic Eagles’ interest in a top-of-the-market RB to Barkey’s somewhat overstated acumen as a pass catcher.

“Here’s what I think they’re looking for, a running back that can also catch the football,” Eskin said. “[D’Andre] Swift wasn’t the receiver that they like with the way—and I would think that Kellen Moore is going to be in the same boat, the same classroom of having a running back who can catch the football and that’s what Barkley can do.

While it’s true that if the Eagles are going to invest in a star RB, it will be someone who can help in the passing game, Barkley’s impact in that area has always been overrated as is the idea of trying to manipulate Jalen Hurts’ DNA as a player by messing with his ability to extend plays in favor of dumping it off to a back who hasn’t cracked the 7.0 yards per reception-barrier in three seasons.

Despite that plugged-in Giants reporter Pat Leonard listed the Eagles as one of the teams with the “resources, need, and interest” to possibly sign Barkey.

You can certainly put the checkmark next to the resources (the Eagles have plenty of cap room) and need (only Kenny Gainwell and futures players Lew Nichols and Ty Davis-Price are currently under contract at RB), leaving only the “interest.”

That last category would be a total 180 from Howie Roseman’s typical way of doing business barring a complete collapse of the RB market and a contract for $3 million perhaps up to a ceiling of $5M.

And if no one wants to give Barkley more than that it should be a red flag for anyone believing they are getting a bargain.

The even bigger miscue here would be trying to out-Giants the Giants. Roseman and the Eagles should leave the poor decision-making 90 miles up the Jersey Turnpike.

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