Embarassing as Yoshinobu Yamamoto Snubed the mets and named new team worth the yankees’s rivalry…….read more

Embarassing as Yoshinobu Yamamoto Snubed the mets and named new team worth the yankees’s rivalry…..read more

With Yamamoto Yamamoto out, the pitching race is heating up. Initially aggressive suitors of the Orix Buffaloes ace have now shifted gears. While there are many noteworthy names still in the free agency market, New York has its eyes on a select few. Looks like there will be a conflict of (similar) interest between the cross-town rivals.


With two of the most sought-after free agents settling in their new home, another one emerges to light. This is quite synchronous as the New York Mets and the New York Yankees work hard on bolstering their bullpen. Moving on from Yamamoto, are they going to clash again, this time for another Japanese rising star?

Bringing back a snippet from the recent past, @SNYtv tweeted, “The Yankees are reportedly considering Shota Imanaga as a potential fallback option if they were to miss out on Yoshinobu Yamamoto“. This makes sense given that the Yank are attempting their best to build a competitive roster. Using Imanaga’s services is a rather better option now that the luxurious Yamamoto deal slipped away. This is possibly the most feasible way to regulate money and solidify its depth.

Speaking of depth, another team that is in dire need of fixing their lineup are the Mets. It might not have come as a surprise when Jon Morosi said Shōta Imanaga was drawing interest from the Mets among others like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, and the Chicago Cubs. And here we go again! Another clash between the two NY superpowers.

Could this project another competitive chase, repeating the pattern that happened during Yoshi’s signing? Take a moment to answer that while exploring couple of other names that both the teams are looking at jointly.

Who Are the Other Players New York Is Eying?

It may appear as if the left-handed pitcher Blake Snell might want to sign a contract in the Bronx. However, a reunion with Jordan Montgomery might not be ruled out completely either. Keeping into account the financial implications, it makes sense to look at these value additions. Catching up to the Yanks are the Mets, who would make a longer term play for the same two pitchers, in addition to the Japanese lefty.

Well, recovering from Yoshi joining hands with the Dodgers for 12-years might be tough. However, the two teams from NY are going head on in their quest for pitchers, pivoting from the $325 million news. One can only wait and watch how stiff the competition here is going to get

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