Pete Alonso got a new opportunity $8.5 million as a potential

Pete Alonso knows the numbers: His expected batting average is .264 and his current average is .217.

“I’ve looked at my expected batting average and based on the numbers, the discrepancy is probably one of the largest in all of Major League Baseball,” Alonso told the Daily News on Wednesday at Chase Field. “I think it’s in the .260s and that’s kind of on par with who I’ve been in the past, but this year it’s not that. Now I’m hitting in the high .210s, but that’s like a 50-point discrepancy and that’s got to be the largest margin in the big leagues. That’s tough.”

Coming into Wednesday, his math wasn’t far off. It’s a 47-point discrepancy. Alonso made the All-Star team largely based on his 25 home runs, which currently rank third in the league, tied with Luis Robert of the Chicago White Sox. Earlier this season, Alonso emerged as an NL MVP candidate, but this recent skid has cooled those odds.

Pete Alonso grabbed a sheet of paper from his locker.

“It’s convenient to talk about this today,” he said.

Alonso had just returned to the clubhouse after spending the previous hour with the rest of the New York Mets’ position players inside a meeting for hitters. During the meeting, he received the sheet of paper, which contained his name and his statistics from last year regarding chase rate.

Fans collectively held their breath as their beloved ‘Polar Bear’, Pete Alonso spoke up. He declared, “This is family” as these words resonated deeply with fans yearning for his long-term commitment. But in the thick of the outpouring of love, Alonso’s future with the team remained shrouded.

The New York Mets’ star slugger candidly expressed admiration for the team. It’s abundantly clear that the city holds a prominent place in his heart. During a recent appearance on the Foul Territory, he showered praise on the Mets organization. He expressed, “I love this city. I love playing uh as a Met. I love being a met.” But what about his contract negotiation talks?

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