What action will the Commanders take, and why is Sam Howell planning on

There’s more to say about the Washington Commanders at the annual NFL Scouting Combine.

Part one focused on incoming quarterback prospects Caleb Williams, Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels; Jonathan Allen’s contract future; and how to best utilize Jamin Davis. There is more quarterback talk in part two, with Sam Howell and J.J. McCarthy taking center stage, along with line fixes and backfield ball carriers.

The importance of the first one outweighs the other two, like Andre the Giant versus Mini-Me. The goal from the point of that decision — to make the pick, not whether to trade up or down or choose Daniels or Maye — is doing whatever possible to help this face of the franchise grow. That includes determining who you want cohabitating in the quarterback room.

The Washington Commanders are heading into free agency with a focus on quarterback plans, particularly regarding Sam Howell, as highlighted at the NFL Scouting Combine. Three key questions revolve around the draft decisions, keeping or trading Howell, and potentially adding a veteran to the roster. The team’s primary aim is to support the growth of their franchise player, emphasizing careful selection and building a cohesive quarterback room.

The Big PictureThe Commanders’ quarterback strategy underscores the pivotal role of nurturing young talent while balancing the immediate needs of the team, highlighting the critical decisions teams face in shaping their future through the annual NFL free agency period.

By the Numbers

  • Two front-office executives mentioned considering trading at least a fourth-round pick for Sam Howell.
  • Commanders conducted meetings with late first/early second-round quarterback candidates Oregon’s Nix and Washington’s Penix.

State of Play

  • Teams are actively assessing their quarterback situations, with 13 teams in flux and Washington aiming to make strategic moves in the free-agency period.
  • The Commanders are focusing on potential lineup adjustments, particularly regarding the offensive line and the need for defensive end reinforcements.
  • Washington is eyeing free-agent options to address key positions and bolster the team’s depth for the upcoming season.

What’s NextWashington’s upcoming moves in free agency and the draft will significantly impact the team’s trajectory, with a focus on solidifying the quarterback position and fortifying the roster for the upcoming season.

Bottom LineThe Washington Commanders are at a critical juncture, balancing the development of young talent like Sam Howell with the immediate needs of the team, as they navigate the complexities of the NFL free agency landscape to shape a competitive and cohesive roster.

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