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Baseball can be a game played with such intense emotion and, when tempers flare on the diamond, they usually do so in a quite volatile fashion, as we saw in prime time on Friday evening.

There is already a rivalry between the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers, given their geographical intimacy, yet the bottom of the eighth inning of their ALCS clash on Friday evening saw things spiral out of control.

It’s not unusual for a batter to get struck by an errant pitch, with the player then deciding for themselves whether or not it was intentional on the part of the pitcher.

If it is deemed to be an intentional act, whilst resulting in a free pass to first base, there is usually the option for both benches to clear for an opportune scrap.

This is exactly how things played out on Friday night as Adolis Garcia of the Rangers was struck by Astros reliever Bryan Abreu.

Brawl between the Rangers and Astros

Chaos then took over as Garcia looked behind him and appeared to say something to the Astros catcher Martin Maldonado.

Home plate umpire Marvin Hudson was first onto the scene, stepping between Garcia and Maldonado, however he could do nothing to prevent the miniature riot that was about to unfold as both benches cleared.

Garcia broke loose from the resultant melee and did get quite close to Abreu, looking to enact some retribution upon the relief pitcher, however his Texas teammates managed to hold him back and halt his progress towards the mound.

Coming off a World Series win, one would have thought that the Texas Rangers would be floating on cloud nine this offseason. However, uncertainty about their future TV broadcast revenues turned what should have been a celebration and an influx of cash into a fairly disappointing offseason overall.

Sure, the Rangers did make some moves, but the above revenue concerns have all but removed Texas from the bidding for Jordan Montgomery’s services, as well as kept them away from the deep end of the free agency pool that fans had become accustomed to the team playing in. Instead of trying to push forward and keep strengthening the roster, the Rangers have had to resort to treading water and hoping it is enough.

One bright spot for the offseason had been that the Rangers inked a two-year deal with Adolis Garcia, which allowed the team to avoid an arbitration hearing with him and keep him cost controlled. The deal also put a decent amount of guaranteed money in Garcia’s pocket, with incentives that could bring the deal even higher. Unfortunately, that is where the good news ends this spring … at least so far.

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