Breaking: Following her discovery,the wife of Francisco Lindo , star player filed for divorce after going out on.

Francisco Lindor’s wife went hard on Jason Kipnis after his remarks about his former “veteran” teammates and their “lack of leadership” as he said when interviewed about the Mets’ struggles.

While being interviewed, Jason Kipnis about his intake regarding the Mets said that in the teams there were “All of those veterans and no leadership”. Journalist A.J. Pierzynski, went straight to the question and asked if Kipnis’ former teammate at the Cleveland Guardians was a leader and Kipnis did not hesitate to respond.

I’m gonna repeat it again. All those veterans and no leadership,” he quipped “If everybody is a veteran there, you’re kinda just under the assumption that everybody is taking care of their business and going about the things the right way.”

This was immediately brought up to Francisco Lindor’s attention by reporters who wanted his side of the story.

While being interviewed in the Mets’ locker room, Lindor said “I haven’t talked to him. That’s how he feels. It is what it is. I don’t really have much to say,“.

And without missing a beat, Katia Reguero Lindor posted the interview below and added a punch to what Kipnis said “My husband is such a classy person, would never say what a bully Kipnis was in the clubhouse. Sounds like a true leader versus the opposite of a leader“.

Both Lindor and Kipnis played in the Cleveland Guardians from 2015 to 2019, and they made some great milestones, they took the Guardians to the World Series and then set the American League record of 22 consecutive wins for the franchise.

New York Mets under pressure

At this point there is a difficult situation at the Mets, they have spent the most money in the team’s career, a whopping $350 million, and still can’t seem to find a light even with the new reinforcements.

Spring training is a month away, and New York Mets slugger Francisco Lindor is already finding ways to keep up with his hectic schedule. In a recent Instagram story by his wife, Katia Reguero Lindor, it seems that the infielder is gulping up coffee to conquer his day.

In a series of Instagram stories, the Mets star and his wife seemed to be recording a podcast, where Katia took snapshots of her husband, Lindor, taking his third coffee of the day.

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