Pete Alonso’s three-month injury, regretfully announced

Of all teams in Major League Baseball, the New York Mets may be the most disappointing.

When team owner Steve Cohen approved a payroll estimated by Fangraphs to be $359 million, he likely didn’t know his team would find itself in 4th place in the National League East.

With a record of 32-36, they are 10 games behind the division leading Atlanta Braves. Despite a victory over the New York Yankees June 14, the team has a 2-8 record in their last 10 games.

The Mets were fighting to be competitive from the beginning of the season, but the loss of slugger Pete Alonso to the Injured List puts the Mets in a very tenuous position.

The Mets now have to climb over three teams in the NL East to take the division lead.

Do the Mets have a pathway out of the quagmire they have created?

They may have to be very active in the trade market to right the sinking ship. That could mean adding young, controllable prospects in trade packages.

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