Announcement,Baye Fall is leaving basketball now after facing………

Announcement,Baye Fall is leaving basketball now after facing. .

Prospect Profile

Although a fairly raw prospect, Fall has real upside and could be a player that teams take a swing on during the draft. The Arkansas forward has a tremendous motor and the length to be an effective two-way talent.

As of now, Fall is really not much of a polished scorer. He’s mostly a lob threat and scores on putbacks, but don’t underestimate how much he could develop as a freshman. He has already shown touch out to the 3-point line at the high school level and clearly has the tools to emerge as more of a three-level threat on the offensive end. As he gets stronger and earns more time on the court, his offensive game could look completely different. Furthermore, he will need to spend more time developing moves in the post to leverage his size and length. Regardless, he’s a very smooth athlete and moves with more fluidity than most players of his size do.

The Senegalese forward is an excellent shot blocker and really has the chance to shine on defense this season. Fall has the quickness to also guard in space, but again is fairly raw and needs to become more disciplined. With good coaching and an opportunity to get reps on the court, he has the natural tools to develop into a really impactful and versatile defender.

Overall, just how raw that Fall is certainly shows when watching him play. While there’s many flashes of great upside, there’s just as many in which he mishandles the ball or fails to finish with his left hand. For him, it’s all about earning minutes and developing over time. How quickly he’s able to do that will dictate when he could be able to make the jump to the NBA.

Fall moved from Senegal to United States at 15 years old, which really was a catalyst for his basketball career. Before that hadn’t played much basketball and was primarily a soccer goalie. From there, he emerged as a four-star recruit and McDonald’s All-American that has a real chance at making it to the NBA.

With that in mind, Arkansas has quite a few talented forwards he will have to compete with for playing time, so Fall could take more than a year to prove his case to NBA teams.

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