New York Giants head coach Beth Daboll have been sach after following the investigation of………..

New York Giants head coach Beth Daboll have been sach after following the investigation of………..

As far as players feeling that Daboll is “very willing to listen to the locker room,’’ Daboll ranked 13th in the league.

His overall grade of A-minus put him 13th among his peers.

Now then, Wink Martindale, the former Giants defensive coordinator, was not part of this survey and no doubt he would not have been so positive in his evaluation of his former boss.

Martindale lasted only two years working for Daboll and is now at the University of Michigan. His issues with how Daboll treated his coaching staff are not shared by how the players feel the head coach treats them.

For this annual survey — released before free agents must make decisions on where to play for the upcoming season — the players’ union polled 1,706 players, seeking information about the teams they play for in 11 different categories.

The Giants fared quite well, finishing with the eighth-highest ranking among the 32 teams.

Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen arrived in 2023 and the Giants finished No. 8 in their first year in this survey. They maintained that high grade in Year No. 2.

The Giants survey was especially kind, again, to Ronnie Barnes, the senior vice president of medical services and the longtime head trainer, with 96 percent of players saying they receive an adequate amount of one-on-one treatment — that ranks first in the NFL.

The lowest grade was a C for treatment of families.

The Giants do provide daycare on game days but are one of 12 teams that do not provide a family room on game days.

Giants head coach Brian Daboll (r.) with running back Saquon Barkley.


SGiants head coach Brian Daboll hugs quarterback Daniel Jones.

The Giants players were almost unanimous in their dislike for the playing surface at MetLife Stadium, which is typical of the feeling around the league, as 92 percent of players dislike playing on a synthetic surface.

The Giants players are especially pleased with team travel. The Giants do not require players to have roommates on the road and 94 percent of the players are satisfied with their personal space on flight

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