Breaking: Following her discovery,Nikki Young  the wife of ExTennessee head coach Donnie Tyndall, filed for divorce.

Breaking: Following her discovery,Nikki Young  the wife of ExTennessee head coach Donnie Tyndall, filed for divorce.

Memphis, Tennessee The person that the cameras saw rejoicing as her father’s team defeated Louisville in the 2011 NCAA Tournament is Taylor Tyndall, the elder daughter of Donnie Tyndall. the person Erin Andrews went on to interview on national television afterward. the one who, in March 2012, really gave Tyndall the order to depart from Morehead State for Southern Miss because, even at twelve years old, she recognized her father’s aspirations and objectives.

Grace Tyndall is Donnie Tyndall’s younger daughter.

She, unlike her sister, did not want her father to relocate in 2012.

Which made sense, really.

Taylor and Grace live with their mother, you see. And their mom is Tyndall’s ex-wife. So this wasn’t a situation where the entire family would be moving to Hattiesburg, Miss. Taylor, Grace and their mother would remain in Kentucky regardless of how the coaching carousel turned. So Tyndall accepting the offer would require Taylor and Grace to live, for the first time in their lives, in a different state than their father. And Grace didn’t like the idea of that.

But Taylor?

Taylor insisted he go.

“I remember she said, ‘Daddy, if you’re ever going to be like John Calipari, you have to go,” Tyndall recalled. “We were living in Kentucky. So she knew John Calipari. And that’s what she said. She said, ‘Daddy, you have to move up if you’re going to be like Calipari.’ ”

Shortly thereafter, Tyndall took the Southern Miss job.

He spent two years there.

Then, after winning 56 games in those two years, Tyndall was offered the chance to coach the Tennessee Volunteers, which would put him in the SEC and closer to Calipari than most coaches ever get. Again, Donnie Tyndall asked Taylor Tyndall for her opinion.

“Daddy, it’s the SEC,” she said. “It’s your dream. You have to do it.”

For that reason and plenty of other obvious ones — most notably a multiyear/multimillion-dollar contract — Tyndall took the job and went straight to work. He recruited relentlessly. Spoke to any group who’d listen. Tried like crazy to recapture some of the enthusiasm Bruce Pearl once injected into Tennessee. And, by all accounts, he was doing well.

Meantime, the NCAA was looking into the Southern Miss program he left behind.

Investigators found violations.

To what extent, and how much Tyndall was involved, remains unclear. But there’s no denying investigators found violations which occurred during Tyndall’s watch. So he coached last season under a cloud of uncertainty. And on March 26, after speaking with NCAA officials, UT AD Dave Hart requested a meeting for the following morning.

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