Breaking: Following her discovery, Jessica Kress, the wife of Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, filed for divorce.


The Dallas Cowboys’ head coach is Mike McCarthy. From 2006 to 2018, the Green Bay Packers were home to the former NFL Coach of the Year and Super Bowl champion. Following a brief break from the NFL, he accepted the position in Dallas and has been the Cowboys’ coach since 2020. Now that they have completed a 12-5 season and defeated the Tampa Bay Bucs in the opening round of the playoffs, head coach McCarthy’s Cowboys will take on the Philadelphia 49ers in the following round. McCarthy would not have had such a good NFL career if his family had not provided him with excellent support. We’ll examine Jessica Kress, the wife of Mike McCarthy, in this piece.

Mike McCarthy and Jessica Kress have been married since 2008. McCarthy was married previously, as he tied the knot with his high school sweetheart Christine, and that marriage lasted until 1995. From that marriage, McCarthy has one daughter and he has two more daughters with Jessica Kress, his current wife, who also has two sons from a previous marriage. While all of his and her’s kids are not related by blood, they still form a tight-knit family of seven. McCarthy even got in trouble when he berated basketball referees during his stepson’s game in high school, showing how much passion he has for her kids. However, to get to the point of marriage and kids, let’s look at Jessica Kress’ life before she met her husband, Mike McCarthy.

Jessica Kress was born on the 9th of February, 1972. She grew up in Wisconsin and was born into a working-class family, as her parents were not very wealthy. She attended the Bayview Middle School and St Joseph’s Academy. Afterward, Jessica attended the University of Wisconsin, but her major is unknown. Her professional career started as an elementary school teacher, working very close to the Green Bay stadium, Lambeau Field. Not much is known about her personal life as Jessica Kress tries to keep things as private as possible. However, she was married previous to meeting Mike McCarthy, and that was also a marriage with a person close to the NFL.

Jessica Kress’ first husband was William Kress, one of the more recognizable businessmen in all of Wisconsin. It is unclear how the pair met, but they were married for a long time, during which they had two sons. Additionally, William is the CEO of Green Bay Packaging and is on the board of directors for the Green Bay Packers, thus the connection with football. However, their marriage fell apart in March of 2005, and a divorce was finalized in the same year. During her period as a single woman, Jessica Kress got into a conversation with John Schneider, a friend of hers that also knew Mike McCarthy very well. After that, their mutual friend set them up for a date.

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