Los Angeles Rams have reached agreement to sign Zach Wilson from New York Jets.

Los Angeles Rams have reached agreement to sign Zach Wilson from New York Jets.

Los Angeles Rams Find Perfect Matthew Stafford Replacement in Interesting Signing (Prediction)

Matthew Stafford is an outstanding QB for the Los Angeles Rams, but even the team’s most passionate fans understand that it’s only a matter of time before the 15-year veteran decides to call it quits on his NFL career.

There are multiple avenues the Rams could take when it comes to replacing Stafford. They could go with a young quarterback, though it’s not fully worked out at the moment.

They could also go for a younger QB whose potential is not yet fulfilled. There are multiple options Sean McVay can go, but there’s one name that would surely be worth at least a short-term experiment from the Super Bowl LVI winners.

Los Angeles Rams should experiment with Zach Wilson

Brock Vierra of Rams Wire argues that it’s a no-brainer for the Los Angeles Rams to acquire Zach Wilson from the New York Jets.

Rams fans who don’t seriously watch Jets games would argue that it’s a waste to place their bets in a young QB who hasn’t worked out in three NFL seasons.

However, Vierra argues that Zach Wilson has the opportunity to thrive with the Rams in the NFC West. He compares him to a Steve Young that lacks in the football IQ department, implying that he has the physical skills to become an all-time great QB.

His game time last season shows flashes of that greatness. He had an incredible 235-yard, two-touchdown game in the Jets’ surprise win against the Kansas City Chiefs. He also had a nice victory against the Houston Texans where he passed for 301 yards and 2 TDs.

He also pointed out that Wilson had terrible coaches to work with during his time as the Jets’ QB1:

 In Nathaniel Hackett’s offense, it was like jeans with flip-flops. It’s a terrible fit. Hackett was trying to make Wilson come out of the shoot with timing routes and back-shoulder throws, acting like Wilson was Aaron Rodgers.

While the issues Wilson has displayed throughout his NFL career are frustrating, they’re not issues that cannot be fixed. With the quality of coaching Sean McVay has under his employ, it’s not tough for his team to sort out the mechanical or tactical issues that stop Wilson from reaching his full potential.

Finally, there’s nothing to lose for McVay and his team. Vierra put it best, actually:

If Wilson doesn’t work out, he takes all the blame and if he becomes a success, it’s another quarterback masterclass by Sean McVay and staff.

Wilson makes perfect sense for the Los Angeles Rams’ timeline. It’s now up to the team to actually pull off the trigger and give the former BYU standout a chance.

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