Sad loss as Oneil Cruz’s promising career was cut short by an injury that ended his…….

Oneil Cruz, a second-year player, is one of the most entertaining players in baseball, and the Pittsburgh Pirates have been without him for months. He hasn’t been on the pitch since April 8 due to a broken leg sustained when sliding into his house. Although it was anticipated that he would be sidelined for some time, there was still hope that he might play again this season.

These hopes are now beginning to fade, as Cruz seems to have hit a wall in his recovery. Leg injuries can be very tough for players to come back from, but Cruz has a few advantages on his side. He is still young and extremely athletic, which hopefully means he will be making a full recovery.

Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette provided the details of the recovery process, along with a reccomendation, on Twitter.

It is hard to disagree with this assement. With only a little over a month remaining in the season, the Pirates are 12 games under .500 and well out of the playoff race. The safer course of action would be to shut him down and start gearing up for the 2024 campaign.

Prior to his injury, Cruz was showing flashes of absolute brilliance, offensively and defensively. His power swing seems to come so naturally and his athletiscm led to highlight after highlight on defense. Division rivals Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs certainly won’t be happy to face him in 2024.

His 2022 highlight reel had fans fired up for his 2023 season, which was unfortuntely cut far too short.

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