PJ Hall is in turmoil following a disappointing loss, and the coaching staff is under suspicion.


Hall, a senior who has played for the Clemson Tigers his whole career, has been among the nation’s most productive big men this season. Despite being a very good center with a strong scoring and shot-blocking output, the 6-foot-10 senior keeps the game simple.

Although Hall can score in the low post, he can also step out space the floor and is a good passing big man out of the low post and top of the key. He isn’t yet an elite shooter from beyond the arc, but the jumper looks good for a player of his size and there’s reason to believe his shot will translate down the road in the NBA with the trajectory he is on as a shooter. This will also enhance his ability to operate in pick-and-pop situations, which is already something he’s showcased at the college level.

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