SUMMARY: HC Kevin Walters has been banned indefinitely from the team for


The Brisbane Broncos have come under fire from the wife of Queensland rugby league hero Kevin Walters, who has accused the NRL team of betraying her husband and stealing an idea he proposed during a job interview.

In an attempt to succeed Wayne Bennett as head coach of the Broncos, former South Sydney coach Anthony Seibold was chosen over former Queensland State-of-Origin coach Kevin Walters.

Narelle, Walters’ wife, called the club a “pack of c***s” and accused them of stealing a marketing idea that Walters had presented during his interview.

According to The Courier Mail, Mrs Walters took to a private Facebook page and launched her abuse at the team after seeing the ‘Better Never Stops’ slogan.

‘Driving around the city today, I noticed the Broncos have launched their 2019 marketing campaign. The exact theme Kevin presented in his ‘interview,’ Mrs Walters said wrote.

‘What’s the collective term for a group of horses/broncos? A team? More like a pack of c***s.’

Brisbane communications boss Steele Tallon denied stealing the idea from Walters, claiming the marketing slogan was created in June last year, before Walters even applied for the job.

‘We would respectfully disagree with what has been said about the issue on social media,’ he told the Courier Mail.

Following Mr Tallon’s explanation, Mrs Walters clarified what she meant saying she was frustrated at the ‘coincidental timing’.

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