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Although there is a controversy around the 49ers’ choice to start the overtime period with the ball first, watching behind-the-scenes video from Super Bowl 2024 is unlikely to aid that cause much. In fact, one former NFL player predicts that someone will lose their job as a result of this decision.

The pivotal coin toss that decided when to start overtime was captured on camera by “Inside the NFL,” and the Chiefs’ shocked expressions after San Francisco chose to receive the ball to begin the extra period said it all.

“They’re interested in it. After the coin toss, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes exclaimed, “They want the ball,” repeatedly expressing his disbelief as he left the field.

Walking around the sideline, he exclaimed, “They wanted it, baby.”

What transpired was

“He was shocked. I was shocked. I think everyone was shocked,” Cutler said. “It’s like you’re going to give Patrick Mahomes the ball second and give him four downs. Someone’s getting fired.”

Travis Kelce seemed equally surprised as Mahomes as the cameras cut to the Chiefs All-Pro tight end on the sideline.

“We want them to have the ball. They want it they can have it,” Kelce said.

Niners coach Kyle Shanahan has faced extensive criticism for his decision to start overtime with the ball instead of electing to kick.

Those complaints grew louder after several San Francisco players said they weren’t aware of the new overtime rules.

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