Félix Bautista announced his resignation in response to remarks made about him.

This week, the Baltimore Orioles posted a graphic on social media that referred to closer Felix Bautista as “King Felix.” It was a bad move. The idea for the picture came about since Bautista was awarded the American League Reliever of the Month.

The problem is not with Bautista—who is outstanding and deserving of a trip to the All-Star Game this year—but rather with the Orioles social media staff.

First off, the Orioles need to realize that it’s lame to steal nicknames. “King Felix” refers to Felix Hernandez, formerly of the Seattle Mariners. Also, Hernandez just stopped pitching a few years ago, it isn’t like he’s 30 years removed from playing and his nickname can be re-given. If you are the Orioles, come up with something more original…The Orioles wouldn’t like someone referring to another play as “The Iron Man” when that is reserved for Cal Ripken Jr.

Hernandez wasn’t any run of the mill pitcher, either. He was among the top pitchers in the sport for a decade, was a multi-time All-Star and won a Cy Young. That nickname is reserved for him. He also spent a spring training with the Orioles, so you are really disrespecting a guy that you actually know?

Also, the All-Star Game is in Seattle this year. Are the Orioles really referring to Bautista as King Felix when sending him to the house that Hernandez starred in?

That just doesn’t show very good self-awareness. Maybe it’s a stupid thing to get irritated by, but it’s definitely something that Mariners fans notice and don’t appreciate.

Bautista is one of the best relievers in all of baseball. He’s 3-1 this year with a 1.16 ERA and has 22 saves. He’s struck out a whopping 79 batters in 38.2 innings.


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