“Diva” declared his departure from the team because of remarks made today……


While he was with the New York Mets last season, Justin Verlander is still trying to figure out who dubbed him a diva, but it doesn’t appear to have been one of the players.

The New York Mets would prefer to move past their dismal performance from the previous season.

They started the season as favorites to compete for a World Series championship, but at the trade deadline, they were forced to sell and began a mini-rebuild.

But the Mets had Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, and Kodai Senga at the top of their rotation during Spring Training in 2023 before making that decision. Francisco Lindor and Pete Alonso were ready to lead their team into the championship picture.

Who knows why that broke apart? Nobody truly knows.

What is known is that during his time with the team, someone referred to Verlander as a diva after New York dealt him to the Houston Astros at the trade deadline.

The renowned pitcher was interviewed about this by Jon Heyman of The New York Post, and it appears that Verlander is still a little offended about the term.

Based on what he told the insider, he wouldn’t have been surprised if someone labeled him that during the early portion of his career. He was intensely driven during his time with the Detroit Tigers and didn’t give attention to anyone who wasn’t.

Verlander has certainly changed over the years and this comment bothered him.

So much so that he called his Mets teammates to check and see if he was one.

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