Legal: “A well-known athlete is embroiled in a legal dispute off the field.”


.The Washington Nationals’ first and only championship was won on this date in franchise history. If you’re a devoted fan like myself, you can undoubtedly recall just where you were at this date and time. When Daniel Hudson threw his glove in the direction of the dugout, it was the result of numerous trades and free agent signings that shaped the team into the World Series champions and elite baseball team.

One thing that every fan was holding onto—amidst a falling out with the Orioles, the never-ending drama surrounding their TV deal with MASN, and the general lack of aggressiveness in the free agency and trade market—was the team’s April 2022 announcement that the Lerner family was going to sell it. There was never a set date for this, but it was expected that a new ownership group would take over the team, with reports circulating that global business and sports personalities would be involved in the upcoming bidding war for the franchise.

Now, when Spring Training for the Nationals began last week in West Palm Beach, all of that has led to the announcement today by team owner Mark Lerner that the team is no longer for sale, stating the reason that “it’s not the time or the place (to sell the team).” (via Andrew Golden of the Washington Post)

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