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After the Atlanta Braves’ 10-3 victory over the Kansas City Royals on Friday, manager Brian Snitker was ejected in the second inning and expressed his opinions on the umpiring in the postgame interview.

Austin Riley and Matt Olson both hit home runs as Atlanta trounced Kansas City 10-3. However, after appealing a call, Snitker found himself watching the remainder of the game from the clubhouse.

After a ball Olson hit off the left-field wall was initially declared foul and then subsequently deemed fair, umpires had put runners on first and second. Snitker maintained that Ronald Acuna Jr., the talented outfielder, would have been able to make it to third base given that he was on first base. He was put on second instead.

After the game, Snitker remarked, “I don’t think they placed the runners in the right spot, but they got the call right.” “You’re going to put one of the quickest players in Major League Baseball at first base and then put him at second base on a ball that goes off the wall and down the line? If they had scored him, I would have been happy. That was a judgment call, and I disagreed.

The Atlanta Braves defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 6-3 on Tuesday, marking a significant win for manager Brian Snitker, who now has 500 career victories as a big league manager. After taking over as manager in 2016 from Fredi Gonzalez, Snitker has led the Braves to four consecutive division titles and a 2021 World Series victory.

Snitker is only the fifth manager in club history to reach 500 victories, having previously only surpassed Bill McKechnie (560), Bobby Cox (2,149), Frank Selee (1,004), and George Stallings (579). McKechnie, Selee, and Cox are all Hall of Famers. The World Series was also won by Cox and Stalling. After recording a 131-155 record in his first two seasons on the bench, Snitker is 368-275 since 2018.

Just 61 managers in Major League history have won a World Series, including Snitker, who is the 138th manager to reach 500 wins. In addition, he ranks 26th in league history with 22 postseason wins.

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