6 free-agent safeties the Commanders could sign in 2024…..

6 free-agent safeties the Commanders could sign in 2024

Which free-agent safeties could the Washington Commanders potentially target if an extension doesn’t arrive for Kamren Curl?

Like so much of the Washington Commanders roster heading into the 2023 season, the safety position looked very promising. Kamren Curl and Darrick Forrest were developing into one of the better young safety combinations in the league. The team may have had first-round draft picks along the defensive line and at linebacker, but a fifth-rounder and a seventh-rounder on the backend were arguably their most productive players.

Youngsters like Percy Butler and Quan Martin were counted on to develop into reliable rotational pieces. Veteran Jeremy Reaves was still around to provide veteran depth in addition to his exceptional special teams production.

Of course, nothing went according to plan. Forrest and Reaves missed most of the season with injuries. Butler struggled with an increased workload, while Martin showed flashes but also struggled to remain healthy. Only Curl performed according to expectations, and he will draw interest from other teams when free agency begins.

Dan Quinn and Joe Whitt Jr. worked magic when they took over the Dallas Cowboys defense in 2021. Whitt, who was charged with rebuilding a poor defensive backfield, was especially effective. Now, as defensive coordinator, he will be tasked with doing it again.

At safety, he needs to get Forrest back up to speed. He struggled in 2022 when Curl was not on the field, and he may go into 2024 without his rookie-year partner. He needs to find the best spot for Martin and figure out whether Butler can handle a greater workload. Most importantly, he has to coordinate with Quinn and Adam Peters on how aggressively the Commanders will pursue their aforementioned free agent.

Fortunately, this is a very good year for free-agent safeties. There are high-value studs and lower-priced longshots worth consideration, especially if Curl moves on. Here are six free agents who should be figuring into the Commanders’ plans.

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